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Setting up your watercolour palette

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Arranging a watercolor palette effectively can help streamline your painting process. Here's how to do it: 1. **Start with clean wells**: Make sure your palette wells are clean and dry before you begin. 2. **Organize by color family**: Group similar colors together, such as blues, greens, yellows, reds, browns, and blacks, to make it easier to find the color you need. 3. **Arrange by intensity**: Within each color family, organize the colors from lightest to darkest or vice versa. This makes it easier to create gradients and control the intensity of your colors. 4. **Leave space for mixing**: Reserve a few wells for mixing colors. You can mix primary colors to create secondary colors and various shades. 5. **Label your colors (optional)**: If you're a beginner or you have specific colors you use frequently, label the wells with the color name or number for easy reference. 6. **Consider your workflow**: Arrange the palette so that the colors you use most frequently are easily accessible. Place these colors closer to the center or in the most convenient spots. 7. **Leave room for expansion**: If you plan to add more colors later, leave some empty wells for future additions. 8. **Keep it organized**: After each painting session, clean your palette and rearrange the colors if needed to maintain organization and freshness. By arranging your watercolor palette thoughtfully, you can save time and focus more on your painting without having to search for the right color. #arteducation #artmadesimple #artmaterials #creativejourney #watercolorartist #montrealartist #watercolortechniques #art #palette #stepbysteptutorials #watercolortechniques #watercolourmadesimple #watercolor

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